A Nice Bracing Day at the Seaside

A Nice Bracing Day at the Seaside



John Leech was one the most popular and prolific illustrators, caricaturists and cartoonist of his day and is particularly well known for his illustrations for Dickens and Surtees and for his many cartoons reproduced in Punch. In 1862 he held a highly successful exhibition of some of his most popular Punch drawings at the Egyptian Hall on Piccadilly. He had developed a process to enlarge his drawings, which he then coloured in oils, after some help and direction from his friend John Everett Millais. “Mr John Leech’s exhibition is one of the most amusing and profitable in London. By a new process, the humourist of the day has been enabled to enlarge the wood-engravings with which we are familiar, to preserve the outlines, that are transferred to canvas, and paint on them in oil himself.” (The Athenaeum, 7 June 1862, p.762) All proceeds from the sale of this picture will go to Age Unlimited (Reg charity no. 1137423)


Height 128.27 cm / 50 "
Width 191.77 cm / 75 "
Framed height 147.32 cm / 58 "
Framed width 209.55 cm / 82 "