Beneath the Mushroom - An Illustration for The Babys Quest

Beneath the Mushroom - An Illustration for The Babys Quest




Beneath the Mushroom ”“ An Illustration for The Baby’s Quest

Pen and ink heightened with white, unframed, in mount only

4.5 by 8 cm., 1 by 3 in. (mount size 21.5 by 24 cm., 8 by 9 in.)

Literature: Adelaide Bloxham, The Baby’s Quest, Woodland Press, 1913, illus. op. p.40.

Adelaide Bloxham was born in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. She married the glassmaker, poet, painter and book designer Reginald Francis Hallward in 1887. She worked as an illustrator and participated in many of her husband’s projects. She illustrated and published two volumes,
The Days of Rose and other Tales (1893) and The Baby’s Quest (1913-14). She also illustrated a number of periodicals for children. She and her husband both exhibited at the Clergy and Artists Exhibition in 1906. They lived at Arthog, North Wales and Shorne, Kent. After her death Reginald Hallward designed a window for the church of St Peter and St Paul, Shorne, in which he incorporated many of her drawings. This work is accompanied by a copy of The Baby’s Quest.


Height 4.5 cm / 2"
Width 8 cm / 3 14"
Framed height 21.5 cm / 8 "
Framed width 24 cm / 9 12"