Bannerfish - Negumbo, Ceylon - watercolour by de Courcy Lewthwaite Dewar

Bannerfish - Negumbo, Ceylon - watercolour by de Courcy Lewthwaite Dewar



Bannerfish ” Negumbo, Ceylon "

Signed and inscribed with title

Watercolour, unframed, in mount only

15.5 by 22.5 cm., 6 by 9 in.

De Courcy Lewthwaite Dewar was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) the daughter of a tea planter. She studied at Glasgow School of Art and at the Central School, London. She is best known for her enamels and metalwork; designing and producing jewellery, plaques and many small ornamental and useful pieces and her work regularly appeared in Studio magazine. However, she was also a prolific painter, engraver and graphic designer, exhibiting oils and watercolour internationally. She travelled extensively, making three journeys round the world with several visits to her family in Ceylon. Her sketchbooks of c.1895-1910 (private collection), letters, and journals provide a rare and interesting account of a woman designer of the Glasgow School. Dewar was involved in the woman’s suffrage movement, for whom she designed bookplates, programmes and calendars. She compiled files on women artists for the National Council of Women in London, providing biographical information and reproductions of works. She did not marry and lived with her sister, Katharine, at 15 Woodside Terrace, Glasgow, until her death there on 24 November 1959. The Bannerfish (Heniochus diphreutes), also known as the False Moorish Idol, is a butterflyfish native to the Indo-Pacific area.