Ascot Costume - Design for My Fair Lady

Ascot Costume - Design for My Fair Lady



Tim Goodchild is a British costume and set designer and thrice winner of the Olivier Award. He has designed more than 80 theatre productions, 20 of which are musicals, and has also worked in opera, ballet, television and film. He won an Olivier Awards for Best Costume Designs for the Royal Shakespeare Company productions of The Relapse and Three Hours After Marriage. The present work is a costume design for a figure in the Ascot scene of the 1979 revival of My Fair Lady at the Adelphi Theatre, London. Goodchild created entirely news sets and costumes for this Cameron Mackintosh production staring Tony Britton as Higgins and Liz Robertson as Eliza.


Height 102.87 cm / 40 "
Width 77.47 cm / 30 "