Sir Charles Wheeler - Portrait of Muriel, the artist's wife

Sir Charles Wheeler - Portrait of Muriel, the artist's wife



Portrait of Muriel, the artist’s wife

Oil on canvas

30.5 by 25.5 cm., 12 by 10 in.
(frame size 38.5 by 33.5 cm., 15 ¼ by 13 ¼ in.)

Charles Wheeler was the first sculptor to the position of President of the Royal Academy. He had initially studied at Wolverhampton School of Art, where he met his wife, Muriel Bourne, who was a frequent model for him.

In his autobiography Charles Wheeler expressed his love and devotion for his wife:
“I do not believe there is a kinder, sweeter, more unselfish creature in the whole of this sorry world, none more genuinely good. She has always been beautiful to me. My eyes have been ever delighted and my heart constantly gladdened because of her. This is not the stuff which makes love stories popular; they require to be more piquant. I have not been married more than once nor had a series of amorous adventures. Our love life is a flower not grown in a hot house or flaunting itself in flower show tents. It is as a multitude of others are, not to be recorded in newspaper columns, but growing in green pastures, beside the still waters, not sensational but very lovely and smelling sweet. Our companionship has made life in its dark places more to be endured and in its light patches happier by far.” (C Wheeler, High Relief, 1968, p.41)