The Dustman

The Dustman



FRANK WATKINS (1863-1929)

The Dustman

Generally I rather dread The hour for going up to bed But sometimes, when it’s getting late And I am tired of my drawing slate, And the light ”“ Seems too bright, And my eyes are pricking And getting red, And ”“ my ”“ head Is heavy as lead ”“ Then I know it is time for bed! No matter what the clock may say I know its time to end the day. So up to curtain’d room I go Where night-lights always burned low Then, after all my prayers are said And I think of pillows round my head I give a most e-nor-mous yawn And jump into bed until the dawn! Signed, inscribed and dated 1926 Pen and ink Framed

33.5 by 23.5 cm., 13 by 9 in. (frame size 53 by 43 cm., 20 by 17 in.)

Frank Henry Watkins was born in Lambeth, London and was the son of a bank clerk. He worked as a children’s book and comic illustrator in the early 20th century, drawing for many children’s stories including Dolly Twoshoes (1901); The Wonder and Dolly Daydream (1902); Illustrated Chips and Dick and Daisy (1919-1921) and also for Merry Moments. He provided book illustrations for The Man From the Moon by Philip Carmichael (1909); The Sun’s Babies by Edith Howes (1910); The King Who Never Died: Tales of King Arthur by Dorothy Senior (1910) and Fairy Rings by Edith Howes (1911). In the 1920s he contributed as a writer and illustrator to a large number of Blackie’s special publications for children including My Own Big Book, My Own Picture Story Book, The Rainy Day Book and others. Watkins lived at 64 Waldegrave Park, Twickenham.


Height 33.5 cm / 13 "
Width 23.5 cm / 9 12"
Framed height 53 cm / 21"
Framed width 43 cm / 17"