Study after Valezquez - Portrait of Francisco Lezcano

Study after Valezquez - Portrait of Francisco Lezcano




Study after Velazquez ”“ Portrait of Francisco Lezcano

Indistinctly inscribed and signed with initials on the reverse Oil on panel Unframed

21.5 by 5 cm., 8 by 6 in.

Provenance: By descent in the artist’s family.

After Diego Velazquez’s 1645 Portrait of Francisco Lezcano, also known as El Nino de Vallecas. Souter would have seen the painting in the Prado during his European tours. John “Jack” Bulloch Souter was born in Aberdeen where he studied at Gray’s School of Art. After winning the Allan Fraser Scholarship he went on to study for four years at Hospitalfield Art College in Arbroath. In 1912, on the recommendation of Sir George Clausen he was awarded the Byrne Travelling Scholarship which enabled him to tour France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium. During this trip he was particularly impressed and influenced by the work of Velazquez, Vermeer and Chardin. After serving in the Gordon Highlanders and the Royal Army Medical Corps during World War I he moved to London in 1922 and gained a reputation as a painter of still life subjects and fashionable portraits. His sitters included Ivor Novello and Gladys Cooper. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1914 and at the Royal Scottish Academy, Fine Art Society, Redfern Gallery and elsewhere. During World War II he worked some of the time in the Post Office Censorship Department as a translator but spent the majority of his time restoring paintings at Windsor Castle. He returned to live in Aberdeen in 1952. Works by him are in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, Aberdeen Art Gallery and elsewhere.


Height 21.5 cm / 8 "
Width 15 cm / 6"