Les Champs

Les Champs



Hayden was born in Poland and studied at the Warsaw Polytechnic 1902-5. He moved to Paris in 1907, aged 24 and studied briefly at the art school La Palette. His first one-man exhibition was held at the Galerie Druet in 1911. At that time he was greatly influenced by Cezanne and being a friend of Gris and Picasso he participated from 1915-21 in the Cubist movement. From 1922 he turned from Cubism and immersed himself in figurative and landscape painting. In about 1950 his work began to win increasing recognition as he began to return to a sub-cubist mannerism and the landscapes and still-life paintings of his last 20 years became both more simplified and more definitely composed and with a greater richness of colour than the previous period.


Height 83.82 cm / 33 "
Width 116.84 cm / 46 "