The Pink Ribbon

The Pink Ribbon




The Pink Ribbon

Pencil and watercolour Framed

36 by 24 cm., 14 by 9 in. (frame size 54.5 by 41.5 cm., 21 by 16 in.)

Provenance: Artist’s studio sale, Salle Drouot, Paris; Bernard Daneberg; Christie’s London; John Noott Galleries, Broadway; Private collection, UK.

Raphael Kirchner was born in Vienna and attended at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He moved to Paris in 1900, making illustrations for such magazines as La Vie Parisienne. At the outbreak of war in 1914 he moved to the United States, living in New York where he worked in the film and men’s magazine industry. A portrait painter and illustrator, he is best known for his “Kirchner Girls” illustrating Fin-de-Siecle and Art Nouveau models, often in sensuous or playful poses. These drawings were much reproduced in postcard format and were hugely popular.


Height 36 cm / 14 "
Width 24 cm / 9 12"
Framed height 54.5 cm / 21 "
Framed width 41.5 cm / 16 12"