London Bridge

London Bridge



Donald Maxwell was born n London and studied art at South Kensington, the Slade and at Clapham Art School. From about 1909 he became a regular correspondent for the Daily Graphic and the illustrated weekly The Graphic and continued so until the latter closed in 1932. He travelled widely as official artist to the Admiralty during the First World War. He accompanied the Price of Wales on his Indian Tour and made numerous illustrations for travel books. From the early 1920s he began to produce a series of pictures of London by night which were initially reproduced in The Graphic before many were published together in The New Lights o’ London, in 1926.


Height 66.04 cm / 26 "
Width 55.88 cm / 22 "
Framed height 119.38 cm / 47 "
Framed width 106.68 cm / 42 "