(1800 - 1899)

Trials of a Convalescent


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Height: 9.5cm

Width: 17.5cm

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BRITISH SCHOOL After EDWARD TENNYSON REED (1860-1933) Trials of a Convalescent Tompkins (in a feeble voice, for the fourth or fifth time, with no result): “Chairman!!! Chairman!!!”� That Horrid Boy: Lydies and Gentlemen – !!”� Pen and ink Unframed, in mount only 9.5 by 17.5 cm., 3 by 7 in. (mount size 22 by 29.5 cm., 8 by 11 in.) A contemporary copy of Reed’s illustration for Punch Magazine. Reed was born in Greenwich and educated at Harrow. He initially studied for the Bar but abounded his legal training to study at Calderon’s Art School. After unsuccessfully working as a portrait painter, he began drawing from Punch in 1889, succeeding Harry Furniss at political caricaturist in 1893. He remained a regular contributor to the magazine until his death.