(1897 - 1973)

Trafalgar Square from the Portico of the National Gallery

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Height: 96.52cm

Width: 60.96cm

Framed Height: 139.7cm

Framed Width: 101.6cm

Country: United Kingdom

Medium: Pen and ink over traces of pencil with watercolour wash

Full Description

Alice Marjorie Sherlock was born in Wanstead, Essex. During World War I she studied at the Westminster Technical Institute under Walter Sickert and Harold Gilman and her early work was much influence by the Camden Town Group. She later studied at the Slade and in the 1920 she continued her studies in etching at the Royal College of Art under Malcolm Osborne. In the late 1930s she spent a time in Paris studying with Andre Lhote. A painter, etcher and draughtsman, she first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1917 and continued to show there for the next 50 years. She was a friend and travelling companion of Orovida Pissarro, the daughter of Lucien Pissarro. As a result of some of her travels she published Egyptian Etchings (1925), German Etchings (1929) and Indian Etchings (1932). She also worked widely in America. Examples of her work are held by Bristol City Art Gallery and in museums in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The present work dates from the time of her studies with Sickert and Gilman, when she was most influenced by the work of the Camden Town Group.