(1877 - 1956)

The Kicking Donkey


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Height: 37cm

Width: 35cm

Framed Height: 58.5cm

Framed Width: 55.5cm

Country: United Kingdom

Medium: Grisaille watercolour heightened with white

Full Description

CARTON MOORE PARK (1877-1956) The Kicking Donkey Grisaille watercolour heightened with white 37 by 35 cm., 14 by 13 in. (frame size 58.5 by 55.5 cm., 23 by 21 in.) Canadian born Frederic Carton Moore Park studied at Glasgow School of Art under Francis Newbery. He specialized in highly stylized illustrations and prints of animal subjects. He wrote and illustrated a variety of children’s books featuring animals, including; An Alphabet of Animals (1899); A Book of Birds (1900); The Dog Book (1902); The King of the Beasts (1904); The Fables of La Fontaine (1905); The Wonders of the Insect World (1906); The Children’s Story of the Bee (1909) and Biffel ”“ A Trek Ox (1909). In 1910 he move to the USA. Works by him at in the collection of the Tate Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, London and the Smithsonian Institute, Washington.