(1800 - 1899)

The Careful Wife


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Height: 14.5cm

Width: 15.5cm

Framed Height: 27.5cm

Framed Width: 28.5cm

Full Description

BRITISH SCHOOL (Late 19th Century) Careful Wife ”“ “Now, Henry, don’t forget. The band around your hat means that you must order that medicine at the druggists; the string round your finger is for the theatre tickets, the bow on your arm is to remind you to post my letter to mother, and the knot in your handkerchief is for that paper of needles. Goodbye, dear, and be careful of yourself.”� Inscribed Pen and ink Unframed, in mount only 14.5 by 15.5 cm., 5 by 6 in. (mount size 27.5 by 28.5 cm., 10 by 11 in.)