(1886 - 1963)

Superb Starlings

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Height: 88.9cm

Width: 121.92cm

Framed Height: 156.21cm

Framed Width: 186.69cm

Country: United Kingdom

Medium: Pastel and india ink

Full Description

A sculptor, draughtsman and painter in oil and watercolour. Born in London, Dobson first studied at Leyton School of Art and later at the City and Guilds School, Kennington. During World War I he enlisted in the Artists’ Rifles and continued working – his large oil The Balloon Apron was acquired by the Imperial War Museum. After the war Dobson met Wyndham Lewis and exhibited with Group X in 1920 and he held his first one-man show as a sculptor at the Leicester Galleries in 1921. During the interwar Dobson consolidated his reputation as a sculptor and together with Epstein was call “a keeper of tradition”� ”“ bridging classical and modern sculpture. In 1946 Dobson was appointed professor of Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. Although best known as a sculptor he was also an accomplished and fluent draughtsman. The present work is one of a number of vivid drawings of birds and animals that he studied at London Zoo during 1946/7. Some of these drawings were shown at the Royal Academy in those years. He is represented in many public galleries including the Tate Gallery.